What Is An Instagram Handle

 What Is An Instagram Handle

You’re probably familiar with the term “username.” An Instagram handle is the same thing, or at least it holds the same principle. It is unique to you, your account, and hopefully your personality.

An Instagram handle is something like a phone number. It’s a unique link to your Instagram profile. You are the only person with that specific handle. If someone wants to find your profile and follow you directly, you only have to let them know your handle.

What Is An Instagram Handle

Basically, it’s your online Instagram address that works just like a phone number, but instead of making calls, you can use Instagram’s chat and other features to communicate with users.

When creating a new profile on Instagram, you will have to specify a unique handle or address, for others to see.

It is an essential step during profile creation, and it can be anything you want, as long as it’s not already taken. Of course, if an inactive account is using the handle you’d like, there are ways around that too. You can use your real name, a nickname, or something that reflects your online personality or business.

For example, if your name is John Love, you can call yourself JohnnyL00Ve or come up with something that doesn’t have anything to do with your name or occupation. It’s entirely up to you, but know that you can only do it once, so it’s vital that you choose the right handle.

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